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Week 2! Movie night. Shopping at Target. Intentions for the Week. Encountering God bible study. The best vacuum around. Sunsets. And bored at hockey.

Happy New Year!! This first week of 2022 pushed me extremely outside of my comfort zone…but have already decided that taking a photo each day of the year will be well worth it. 2022! Last minute homework. Grocery shopping at our favorite food co-op. Hanging out watching tv. The most amazing sun dogs I’ve ever […]

If you would have asked me if I was a creative person, I would have laughed at you. 

One of the goals I set at the beginning of 2018 was to blog all of my photography sessions.  Well…here we are…3/29/2018 and I have yet to blog ANY of my sessions.  But that’s why they’re called yearly goals…right?  Because I still have this whole year to get those worked into my workflow!  In the […]