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brian + ellen | mitchell, sd wedding

Jun 26, 2018


The forecast called for wind…and boy, oh boy…was there wind!  But what else would we expect on a beautiful summer day in Plankinton, South Dakota?!

Brian and Ellen started dating on New Year’s Eve and were engaged eleven and a half months later.  It was when Ellen and I had been messaging back and forth about her wedding, that I discovered that her and Brian had been living in Arkansas while she finished graduate school.  We were able to find a window of time to do their engagement session on one of their trips back to South Dakota…and I’ve had so much fun with them ever since!  And while she’s right…I do tend to tell all of my couples that they are super cute!  These two…well, you’ll see it too with their photos below…  

Brian and Ellen were married on June 2nd.  And I found out that day, just how special the date, June 2nd, is to their families.  It is the date that Ellen’s great-grandparents were married in 1920, her grandparents were married in 1950, and both of Brian’s grandpas were born. 

Their wedding day was absolutely wonderful and full of so many personal and beautiful touches.  From Ellen’s grandmother’s bible that she used instead of a bouquet, to dancing with Brian’s childhood babysitter at the end of the night.  However, watching them pray together before seeing each other on their wedding day, might have been one of the sweetest moments of the day!

Brian & Ellen…I wish you two all the best in your future together and throughly enjoyed getting to know both of you and your friends and families!  Enjoy this season of life together and cherish these beautiful moments as they unfold!